Janet Ossebaard Is Missing and Is Feared to Have Committed Suicide

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Dear Patriots, it is with deep sadness that I have to inform you that our good friend Janet Ossebaard has been missing for several weeks. I share this with the approval of Cyntha Koeter, with whom we are in close contact.

Janet had not been doing well for some time, and she left a few weeks ago with the message that she was taking her own life.

Janet Ossebaard and Cyntha Koeter have, in my opinion, made one of the greatest contributions to kick-starting the global Great Awakening, with the production of their groundbreaking and incredibly revealing series THE FALL OF THE CABAL.

In this series of documentaries they unmask the satanic elite, who pull the strings of all governments and large companies behind the scenes. They do this with a clarity, accuracy, depth and clarity that was previously unprecedented.

They were inspired in 2017 by the military operation called Q, which called on people worldwide to conduct research and to expose extreme crimes of these elites for all humanity.

See the short video below that summarizes what Q stands for: a plan to save the world by activating countless citizens to stand up against corruption.

Janet and Cyntha took this call very seriously and delved into the depths of hidden evil. Janet is an award-winning journalist and linguist and Cyntha a former police detective. So they had a lot of experience with in-depth research.

The documentary series The Fall of the Cabal explains how everything in our world is a fraud, and how we are all being lied to by an extremely wealthy and very satanic group of people who are subtly manipulating humanity.

That was always dismissed as a conspiracy theory, but these two ladies presented thousands of pieces of evidence, irrefutable, verifiable, and extremely carefully documented.

The purpose of this is to awaken humanity so that there would be an unprecedented exposure of this evil, and humanity would join forces to build a better world together without these evil elites.

Jane and Cyntha made it their life’s work to carry out Q’s mission and open the eyes of humanity.

Emotional exhaustion

Their documentaries were watched by many millions of people worldwide on YouTube, until they were censored. They moved to Bitchute  and Telegram where they continued their mission.  

Few people have done humanity as great a service as Janet and Cyntha, as their documentaries have activated millions of other researchers to do the same.

Janet had been suffering from emotional exhaustion for several years, and in recent months everything unfortunately became too much for her. Especially after yet another forced move, the zest for life had disappeared.

She left two weeks ago, without money, without any possessions, without her dogs, with the message that she was taking her own life.

We try to support Cyntha as best as possible. If Janet is alive, we pray that she finds peace and hope and knows that millions of her fellow warriors around the world love her and are ready to support her.

When she has left earth, we know she is in the joyful embrace of Jesus and the angels, where she may enjoy the fruits of her labor.


Please also continue to spread the historic and groundbreaking documentaries of the Fall of the Cabal wherever you can. We continue the fight that Janet has waged and know that victory is certain. Cyntha Koeter also continues bravely.

PLEASE NOTE: there is a rumor circulating that Jane Ossebaard was killed by the cabal, which is incorrect. Please do not spread false fabrications. The information on this page has been prepared in close collaboration with Cyntha, to make the information as accurate as possible. Her note on Telegram about incorrect reports concerns a lie someone was spreading that Janet was murdered by the cabal. 

source: https://stopworldcontrol.com/nl/janet/

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