Farmer Captures Disturbing Shapeshifter: Man Claims Alien Powers, Morphs Into Beast

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A FARMER has claimed that a man allegedly shapeshifted into a werewolf near his ranch.

Román Ochoa said the mysterious creature was a nagual – aka nahual.

They are human warlocks with the power to change into animal counterparts.

The belief in naguals is common within indigenous communities and populations in Latin America.

Román, who owns the Ojo de Agua Ranch, in Oaxaca, Mexico, claims the man acquired his powers through an alien.

A farmer claimed to see a man shapeshifting into a wolf near his ranch

He alleges the extraterrestrial appeared before him on several occasions.

Despite being just inches from the beast in the photo, the ranch workers were unhurt.

The creature had a horrifying face with piercing white eyes as it stared directly into the camera.


It appeared to walk on all fours with paws that looked similar to human feet.

Some skeptics suggested it could have been generated with an app powered by artificial intelligence.

One local commented: “Stop drinking tequila so early, excess is not good for your health.”

Another said: “Only people with c****y cameras are lucky enough to spot UFOs, aliens, ghosts, goblins, etc.”

The strange creature had paws that looked like human feet

“I believe it could be related to something diabolical with aliens,” wrote someone else.

Román dismissed that the photo was “pure AI.”

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