Pornhub ads with ‘guys that look like 15’ make the most money, employee says on secret tape

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A senior scriptwriter at MindGeek, the parent company of Pornhub, said the most profitable ads on the site are the ones with “guys that look like 15” years old.

Dillon Rice, who writes for MindGeek studios, websites, and advertisements, was shown in an undercover video explaining how some ads perform better because “it looks like this little kid is having sex.”

MindGeek recently rebranded to Aylo.

“For the ads, the dudes that do the most, like, conversion rates are guys that look like 15, even though they’re like 20 years old or like 25,” he said, naming one pornographic actor as an example. “He just looks like a little kid. And they put him in scenes, so it looks like this little kid is having sex. … But it makes a lot of money.”

Dillon went on to explain that the ads draw “predator women” and “pedophilic men who like seeing young boys, as well.” The ads can turn such people into “whales,” he said, meaning they “spend a lot of money.”

Aylo denounced the undercover video, along with two others released by the same organization, Sound Investigations.

“We are aware that videos, which were filmed surreptitiously and never fact-checked, are being released,” a spokesman told the Washington Examiner. “This is simply an attempt to use disingenuous tactics to create a damaging characterization devoid of any fact or truth.”

“The very strict Trust & Safety and compliance rules and policies Aylo has in place extend to all its platforms. All content and ads created and published by Aylo for its premium products must undergo compliance review and approval beforehand,” he continued. “Aylo prides itself in providing diverse and inclusive content featuring performers of various ethnicities, body types, gender identities, and sexual orientations. Any insinuation that we feature talent that is underage or portraying underage characters is absolutely false and ludicrous.”


As the Washington Examiner reported, Pornhub staff also admitted that protocols to remove illegal content, including trafficking and child pornography, were not taken “seriously.” The company has also recently been hit with a 10th sex trafficking class action lawsuit, making the total number of plaintiffs against the company 257.

Documents found in discovery in one of those suits suggested executives put up roadblocks for reviewing potentially illegal content as well.


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