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America’s Shaman Op-Ed: J6 Was A Deep State PSYOP & I Can Prove It!

The Operation Mockingbird Media dubbed me the “QAnon Shaman”, and I have unraveled the tangled web of deceit that is the J6 narrative.

In short, J6 was a Deep State orchestrated event, used to roll out a Psychological Operation (PSYOP) designed to target Trump and label his supporters as domestic terrorists.

In this article, I will delineate in detail, why I believe this is true and how you can explain it to others. To start, we must understand what a PSYOP is and how they are used to influence public opinion.

A Psy-Op is a government created propaganda campaign designed to influence the psyche of an individual (and the masses) to influence the collective mind of a group, or a nation. This is most easily done through using words and images, which trigger instinctual responses in the subconscious mind.

This creates an emotional response, from the individual and the public, that can be weaponized against the enemy of the government performing the Psy-Op; or it can be used to rally a people toward a specific government cause or goal.

Psy-Ops are centered around the weaponization of information and the strategic use of said weaponized information. Weaponizing Information is done by combining Information (Truth) with Disinformation (Lies), to create Misinformation (Truth mixed with Lies) and craft a misinfo-narrative that is controlled by the government propaganda machine.

Moreover, Obama passed the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act in 2012, that repealed the 1948 Smith Mundt Act. This Act of 2012 allowed the State Department to engage in propganda campaigns on American soil to influence public opinion. In other words, this 2012 Act enabled the US Government to legally perpetrate Psy-Ops on the American people to strategically influence public opion.

Good examples for how this was strategically used would be, the Russia Hoax during the 2016 election, the intentional supression of the Hunter Biden laptop by 51 intelligence agents during the 2020 election and of course, the J6 narrative as well.

Psy-Ops are based on a strategy of: infiltration, intelligence gathering and the strategic use or suppression of said intelligence, to craft a misinfo-narrative that is controlled by the Deep State to reach their goals.

How does this relate to J6?

Infiltration: The FBI infiltrated the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers to gather intelligence, and possibly strategically steer their operations toward an end that served the Deep State’s agenda. Much like what happened in the kidnapping of Gov.

Gretchin Whitmer case in Michigan, it is highly likely that the Deep State used their infiltrators in the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers to provoke them to going inside the Capitol or to later set them up by using confidential informants in court who would go along with the government’s agenda and narrative. Also, Antifa and BLM admitted they infiltrated the crowd of Trump supporters to hijack the protest and turn it violent, to discredit the MAGA movement.

Furthermore, Sergie Dybynyn (who the FBI told me was a Ukrainian spy during an interrogation) filmed the initial breach of the capitol on J6 and he still has not been arrested.

During an interrogation the FBI asked me if I knew Sergie Dobynyn because Dobynyn had asked me to take a photo with him on J6. I told them I had no idea who Dobynyn was. The FBI then told me that Sergie Dobynyn was a Ukrainian spy. I do not know what they trusted me with that information but that is what they told me.

Sergie Dybynyn is connected to a media corporation (owned by Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky) called 1+1 Media. Ray Epps and Nick Fuentes are seen on camera encouraging people to go into the Capitol on J6. Fuentes has not been arrested and (only after tremendous public outrage) Epps has been charged with a single misdemeanor.

Strategic Use of Info & Intelligence Suppression: President Trump offered 10-20 thousand National Guard troops to guard the Capitol building on J6 and the offer was refused by Pelosi and McConnell.

FBI Director Christopher Wray withheld vital intel about J6 that was gathered by the FBI after infiltrating the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers. According to Ex-Capitol Police Officer (CPO) Tarik Johnson, Former Chief Intelligence Officer for Capitol Police (CIO) Yogananda Pittman withheld vital intelligence from Ex-Capitol Police Chief (CPC) Sund regarding possible violence at the Capitol on J6.

Shockingly, Ex-CPC Sund said the Pentagon also withheld vital intel, regarding the presence of known terrorists in the crowd on J6. Moreover, Ex-CPC Sund had his emergency powers revoked (by the House and Senate), through a law passed shortly before J6 and he was denied National Guard reinforcements due to a “Lack of Evidence” (which seemed to be intentionally suppressed) and “Bad Optics”. 

Ex-CPO Johnson was pleading for over an hour to evacuate the congressmen and was given total radio silence by Ex-CIO Pittman. According to Ex-CPO Johnson, both Ex-CIO Pittman and the new CPC John Manger signed NDA’s regarding the intel they had and still have about J6.

Creating The Misinfo-Narrative: Operation Mockingbird is when the CIA infiltrated the major media outlets in the USA during the 60’s and the 70’s to control the narrative regarding the civil rights movement and Anti-War movement.

The Smith Mundt Act was rescinded by Obama in 2014, allowing the US Gov. to perpetrate psychological-warfare operations and propaganda campaigns on American citizens. Regarding J6, the Mockingbird Media was in lock step with the Fed Gov.’s narrative shortly after the events took place, calling it an “Insurrection” even though no-one has been charged with Insurrection.

This is indicative that a psy-op and propaganda campaign (misinfo-narrative) was/is being conducted on the American people. The Mockingbird Media was also caught lying on several occasions regarding the deaths of Police Officers at the Capitol on J6 and they also downplayed and lied about the death of non-violent protesters on J6 as well, further evidence of a misinfo-narrative.

The Mockingbird Media also ended interviews with Ex-CP Officer Johnson once he started talking about CIO Pittman’s suppression of intel. Capitol Police whistleblowers have been severely disciplined and had their lives ruined for reporting on the corruption within the ranks of Capitol Police. Ex-CPO Tarik Johnson said that the CP have become an arm for the Democrat Party.

This was proven when hundreds of leftist Pro-Palestine protesters stormed the capitol building today, and when the CP were asked why they were allowed to protest inside the building they told reporters that they were told to let them protest by “Higher Ups” in the Capitol Police. 

The J6 Committee lied and doctored evidence in their public hearings (see attached image), then destroyed all of their evidence to keep it from Trump’s subpoena power after his arrest.

The January 6th Select Committee illegally destroyed their records and documents in fear they would be exposed for lying to the American people. They also destroyed the documents so January 6th defendants- for example President Trump- would not be able to subpoena the documents for his trial to use as exculpatory evidence as part of his discovery. Who really committed “Obstruction of Justice”?

New evidence shows that the DOJ doctored evidence and government agents lied under oath during trials and its alleged they also withheld evidence from defendants to ensure convictions.

There have been multiple allegations that the DOJ doctored evidence pertaining to January 6th. Again, who really committed “Obstruction of Justice”?

The Goals of the Psy-Op:

The 1st goal was to create a shock and awe campaign in the USA, then use that shock and awe to target and demonize a group (Trump supporters) and Donald Trump himself. Thus, creating division in the USA, and controlling the people through a misinfo-narrative.
The 2nd goal was to use said demonization and division to Impeach Trump and label Trump supporters as “Domestic-Terrorists”. Consequently, this limited sympathy for Trump supporters as their Constitutional Rights were violated in mass.
The 3rd goal was to imprison Trump supporters without Constitutional due process. Due to the Patriot Act, the DOJ labeling Trump supporters as “domestic terrorist” allows the government to waive their Constitutional Rights, allowing the government to servile, arrest, detain and imprison Trump supports without due process; even arresting and charging people who were not in DC on J6, for internet posts that were deemed to be associated with J6. Thus, creating a chilling affect for all public descent to the Deep State’s authoritarian roll out of centralized power.
The 4th goal was to imprison Trump himself. This can be easily proven based on Proud Boys Co-Founder Enrique Tarrio’s testimony regarding the plea deal he was offered by the DOJ, where he was asked to lie about having connection to President Trump creating the illusion that -Trump had a hand in the events of J6, in exchange Tarrio would be given his freedom. He refused the plea deal and was given a 22 year sentence.
The 5th goal was to use this psy-op to centralize power by weaponizing federal executive power, all so they could target political opponents and use a two tier justice system to chill public descent within the USA.


In conclusion, the government infiltrated underground groups, influenced those groups plans and gathered information. Intentionally suppressed that information, used the control of information to craft a misinfo-narrative.

Thereby allowing the government to perpetuate a psy-op and propaganda campaign on the American people, to reach their goals of: controlling the narrative, creating national division, imprisonment of their political opponents, chilling public descent, centralizing power, weaponizing the executive branch and the authoritarian roll out of a two tier justice system based on corruption and political bias.

Based on the information shared in this article, I must ask you the reader. Do you think that J6 was a Deep State Psy-Op? Or a “Violent Insurrection”?
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Let Freedom Reign! – Jake Angeli-Chansley-America’s Shaman

source: thegatewaypundit.com/exclusive-op-ed-january-6th-shaman-jacob-chansley

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