J6 Single Mother Faces Up to 6 Months in Prison

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On January 6th, 2021, Felicia Konold ended a cross-country road trip with her brother Cory at the United States Capitol.

Felicia and her brother were two patriots out of a million or more who attended President Trump’s speech at the Ellipse that day.

Now Felicia is looking at possibly six months in prison. She is worried she will lose everything including her children.

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Felicia Kenold and her brother Cory were prosecuted as if they were part of the Proud Boy group and conspiring with them to Obstruct Congress.

Felicia and Cory were not Proud Boys and had just met members of the group that day.  Yet the Biden DOJ prosecuted them as Proud Boys anyway.

Felicia famously told reporters she was not even a boy let alone a Proud Boy!

Now this young mother is looking at up to sic months in prison by this wicked regime.

Here is her story…

A single mother of two, Alexander now 13 years old and Henry 2 years old, she works two jobs, up to 80 hours a week, goes to school, and home-schools her son.

She never dreamed that her attendance on January 6 would lead her to the turmoil she is in today, the turmoil of being behind on all of her bills, paying for her legal defense, and securing a future for her children.

This is taking a toll on this young mother.

On February 11, 2021, she was subjected to an early morning FBI raid at her aunt’s house where, at the time, Konold was also the primary caregiver for her aunt. Over a dozen fully armed tactical FBI agents blocked off her street and arrested her.

When taken to be questioned, Konold declined to speak to the FBI even after being told repeatedly she could view their folder [of evidence] if she would only speak to them.

After they finally understood that she was standing hard on the invocation of her 5th Amendment rights, she was taken to a federal prison in Arizona.

While there, she spent almost 2 weeks in solitary confinement and was eventually released on her own recognizance tethered to an ankle monitor that after a period of time allowed her to only go to work, school, or the store for essentials.

Initially, Konold retained Attorney Albert Watkins, who she would eventually fire, because this liberal attorney initially advised his client not to do any interviews or media, that is until he set his client up with Alexandra Pelosi (Daughter of former Speaker, Nancy Pelosi), to interview Konold and her brother for the J6 documentary she was making for HBO.

When Pelosi asked Konold’s then 10-year-old son, “How does it feel knowing your mommy is a terrorist,” Konold immediately stopped the interview and sent the film crew and their host packing.

Of course, this part was cut out of the documentary. However, being true to form, Pelosi managed to make Konold, along with all of the other J6 defendants who interviewed with Pelosi, look like ignorant and foolish “Trump cult members.”

Now with her third attorney, Nick Smith, who she finds to be a great fit for her, she is signing a plea deal with the prosecution that comes with a recommendation of 0-6 months in federal prison.

If she ends up serving any time, which in the case of J6ers happens quite frequently, she is afraid she will lose her job, her schooling, and possibly her children.

Without adequate funding, she feels her children will not be able to get the caregiver they need to keep them away from CPS.


Konold goes into sentencing to find out her fate on January 25, 2024. CondemnedUSA.com is asking for any assistance for Konold and her children.

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source: thegatewaypundit.com/j6-single-mother-faces-up-6-months-prison

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