Around two dozen subpoenas on Biden will be issued ‘in the very near future’

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House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer has stated that subpoenas for President Joe Biden are “imminent,” adding that the public can expect around two dozen subpoenas to be issued.

Comer stated that “a lot” of documents are set to be released this week, which related to things that run counter to what Biden has said publicly regarding loans he has made.

The Kentucky Republican also stated that House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) is bringing in special counsel David Weiss for a deposition, which he described as “a very important part” of the overall impeachment inquiry.

“We’re waiting on a few more documents to come in that we’ve successfully subpoenaed, but it’s taking forever,” Comer said.

“And again, Maria, I don’t think the average person can imagine how many different checking accounts the president’s son had.

Considering he didn’t have a legitimate business, that in itself is an enormous red flag. Once all those come in, I think you’re going to see swift action on Biden’s, and I would predict somewhere around two dozen subpoenas in the very near future.”

Comer also explained that the Oversight Committee has enough bank accounts to “trace the money” to show that the Biden family has laundered money, which he described as “a very organized criminal enterprise by the Biden family.”

“This wasn’t just some drug addict, you know, doing concoctions and making wild transactions,” Comer said.

“This was very organized. And the reason they did these complicated transactions was to disguise the source of the revenue and to deceive the IRS from paying taxes.”

Various bank documents published by the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday showed that Biden received $40,000 from his brother’s wife shortly after a Chinese company sent money to the Biden family, marking the second piece of direct evidence to suggest Biden profited off the business of his brother and son, even though the president has denied this for years.

Amid these revelations, the White House has sent a letter to Comer informing him that he has the proof necessary to show that the checks the president received are loan repayments and not a sign of corruption.


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