BREAKING: MASSIVE Explosion at Virginia Home as Police Execute Search Warrant

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Officers attempted to execute a search warrant Monday at a home near Arlington, Virginia’s Bluemont neighborhood, when a suspect fired multiple rounds from a flare gun inside, and the house exploded.

Watch a close-up video of the explosion below:

According to the Citizen app, which provides alerts relating to public safety and crime in real-time, the incident was reported at approximately 8:30 pm ET, and the residence exploded as a “suspect fired shots at officers.”

According to comments on the app, nearby residents “heard a huge boom.”

Citizen users uploaded videos of the flames and smoke plumes from a distance.

Washington Post reports,

Officers went to the 800 block of N. Burlington Street to investigate the reported discharge of a flare gun at a house, police said.

As officers tried to execute a search warrant, it appeared that several rounds were fired inside the house from the flare gun, police said.

An explosion occurred, and emergency personnel were trying to determine what happened, police said.

Arlington Police and Fire Department provided updates, confirming the details.



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