Liz Cheney Weighs Third-Party Run Against Trump After Primary Loss

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Liz Cheney, R-Wyo. has declared she is entertaining the notion of a third-party run for the White House.

This revelation comes after her defeat in last year’s Republican primary by Rep. Harriet Hageman, endorsed by former President Donald Trump — a defeat largely seen as retribution for her impeachment vote against him and her role in the committee investigating the January 6 Capitol insurrection.

She must be short on funds. That’s the only reason someone like Liz would run against Donald Trump.

As Liz Cheney promotes her soon-to-be-flopped new book, she conveys her growing concern over Trump’s lingering control over the Republican Party.

The Washington Post reports Cheney’s consideration of an independent presidential bid as part of a broader strategy “to do whatever it takes” to block Trump from occupying the Oval Office anew.

Cheney told WaPo, “Several years ago, I would not have contemplated a third-party run,” yet she continued, “I happen to think democracy is at risk at home, obviously, as a result of Donald Trump’s continued grip on the Republican Party, and I think democracy is at risk internationally as well.”

Despite her potential to attract independents, former Republicans, and certain Democratic voters, some worry her entry into the race could inadvertently harm the efforts to defeat Trump by siphoning votes from the Democratic nominee, potentially President Biden.

Cheney acknowledges these complications, insisting she will not make any moves that could facilitate Trump’s return.

The decision is not yet final, with Cheney indicating that she will decide in the early months of 2024.

“We face threats that could be existential to the United States and we need a candidate who is going to be able to deal with and address and confront all of those challenges,” Cheney said.
“That will all be part of my calculation as we go into the early months of 2024.”

Cheney has not ruled out supporting or even campaigning for Biden if he is the Democratic nominee in 2024. She plans to use her influence to prevent a pro-Trump Republican majority in the House and to support “pro-Constitution candidates” across party lines.

Liz has been appearing frequently on far-left talk shows.


Liz Cheney, do yourself a favor; don’t run because you will fail miserably. You are just going to embarrass yourself. Also, you might as well change your party to Democrats since your political stance seems to resonate more with socialists.


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