Biden campaign hopes to prove age is an issue for Trump too

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As President Joe Biden’s 2024 reelection campaign faces the hurdle of running an 80-year-old candidate, it is hoping to convince voters that former President Donald Trump’s age, 77, is also an issue.

In the campaign’s favor is the fact that more than half of the country believes Trump is too old to serve another term as president. However, significantly more people believe the same about Biden.

The president’s cause isn’t helped by social media accounts such as RNC Research, which pulls clips of Biden’s verbal gaffes and physical missteps and broadcasts them across sites like X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. Every teleprompter mistake, moment of confusion, or fall has easily been spread to tens of thousands on X in record time.

In a newly launched account for rapid responses, the Biden campaign appears to be looking to flip the script. In similar fashion, Biden-Harris HQ has started pulling real-time clips of Trump’s increasingly common gaffes and sharing them on X.

“Trump praises Viktor Orbán, calling him the ‘leader of Turkey,'” the account posted on Monday. “He is the prime minister of Hungary.”

The clip managed to get 858,600 views on the platform.

In an attempt to inspire the same criticism of Trump that is often lobbed at Biden, the account has pointed out verbal mistakes of the former president. “Trump: We’re gonna turn Christmas arum — remember the department stores weren’t re — they refused to use the word Chrish —,” Biden-Harris HQ posted alongside a clip of Trump stumbling over words during an Iowa event.

The verbal error was viewed over 1 million times courtesy of the Biden campaign’s account.

“Trump once again confuses who is currently President, forcing Kilmeade to correct him,” the account said in another post.

That video was viewed 3.6 million times.

Whether such a strategy is effective for the Biden campaign won’t be clear until new polling on the likely 2024 nominees and their respective ages emerges. However, not everyone is sure that it will move the needle.

According to Republican strategist Douglas Heye, “Trying to turn a candidate’s own weakness on their opponent is a time honored political practice, but Biden has a problem convincing some of his own voters that his age isn’t an issue.”


“It’s a bit like Bruce Springsteen saying someone else’s concerts are longer than his,” he joked.

Trump’s campaign did not provide a comment to this.


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