OnlyFans Owner Pledged $11 Million to Israel Lobby

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OnlyFans’ billionaire owner, Leonid Radvinsky, and his wife reportedly pledged $11 million to the powerhouse pro-Israel lobby American Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, last year, according to an internal donor list obtained by The Lever. Radvinsky has denied making or pledging the donation. 

According to confidential internal documents reviewed by The Lever, AIPAC reported a massive $90 million fundraising haul in the month following Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack against Israel.

One contribution stood out: an $11 million pledge from a “Mr. Anonymous Anonymous” and Katie Chudnovsky, the largest listed contribution in the documents. 

The Lever was able to confirm that the personal information listed alongside the donation identified “Mr. Anonymous Anonymous” as Radvinsky, who owns the subscription blogging platform OnlyFans, which is generally associated with adult content.

While some of those named in the documents confirmed that they had contributed to AIPAC, Radvinsky and two others denied being donors. 

“I didn’t donate or pledge $11M,” Radvinsky told The Lever, adding that the statement “appl[ies] to me / my foundation / my family.”

The OnlyFans owner declined to provide an explanation as to why he and his wife appeared to be donors or address documentation showing a wire transfer from Chudnovsky to the organization. 

Radvinsky did not immediately respond to additional questions from Rolling Stone. 

Founded in 1963, AIPAC is the most powerful pro-Israel lobbying outfit in the United States. While it has long held influence over U.S. government policy towards Israel, in 2022 the group announced that it would be launching an affiliated super PAC that would directly participate in elections.

In its short existence, the super PAC has dumped tens of millions of dollars into its efforts to defeat progressive candidates critical of Israel. 

Since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war, which has led to the deaths of more than 1,200 Israelis and over 25,000 Palestinians, AIPAC has launched a concerted effort to ensure continued support for Israel from the U.S. government.


As international courts, advocates, and human rights organizations criticize Israel’s retaliatory assault on Gaza as a flagrant violation of human rights, and even as a potential genocide, AIPAC continues to pressure lawmakers to endorse political and military support for the country. 

On its website, the group has an entire resource center dedicated to coverage of the Israel-Gaza war. The page features call and email centers to aid visitors in contacting lawmakers, social media toolkits, and lists of pro-Israel news outlets, influencers, and reporters.  

Earlier this month a report from The Intercept found that AIPAC’s political action committee donated $95,000 to House Speaker Mike Johnson in November — shortly after he helped secure the passage of a $14 billion aid package to Israel on Nov. 3. 

While the Oct. 7 attack and the ongoing war have become central to AIPAC’s lobbying and fundraising strategy, the organization is expected to work this year to maintain its influence by spending in elections, especially as criticism intensifies over the United States’ role in supporting Israel’s offensive in Gaza.


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