“I Was an Electrician, Now I’m a Professional Jeff Bezos Lookalike”

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He looks like a billion bucks.

A German ex-electrician went from watts to wealth after quitting his gig and becoming a professional Jeff Bezos lookalike.

Now, much like his celebrity doppelgänger, he lives a lavish lifestyle as an entrepreneur.

“I look like his twin brother,” Cagdas Halicilar, 46, told Jam Press of his uncanny resemblance to the Amazon founder, who is the world’s second-richest person with just over a cool $201 billion dollars.

Cagdas Halicilar poses for a photo with an apparent Jeff Bezos fan.

With his bald head and casual attire, Halicilar is such a dead ringer for the E-bazaar boss that he claims he’s swarmed for selfies by fans who think he’s the bonafide Bezos.

It reportedly takes little effort for Halicilar to get into character.

“Because Jeff Bezos also dresses casually, it doesn’t matter whether I’m wearing a suit or wearing jeans and a polo shirt,” he said. “The only thing I do is shave my head and regularly apply Nivea cream. But I have already been doing this for over 10 years now.”

The Leimen native spent the first half of his life as an electrician but decided to quit after growing weary of the long days spent wasting away on construction sites.

Halicilar is now a professional Jeff Bezos lookalike.

Like his mirror muse, Halicilar also dreamed of being a successful businessman. The dreamer decided to quit his gig and go into logistics before founding a transport company, CB Transporte, three years ago.

It was around then that a friend noticed he looked eerily similar to the Amazon magnate.


”When I became an entrepreneur, my friends and acquaintances said to me that I looked like a billionaire,” Halicilar recalled. “I didn’t know what they meant by that until I was shown the picture of Jeff Bezos – some of my friends joked that he had cloned me.”

Halicilar decided to take advantage of his “billionaire” looks and signed up with a doppelgänger agency.

Moonlighting as Bezos part-time has allowed the mogul impersonator to land some eye-popping opportunities, including various gigs on German TV stations and at events.

He even did a guest spot on the German Netflix mini-series “King of Stonks.”

In fact, the social chameleon is so good at his side hustle that he supposedly even tricked Amazon employees into thinking he was the real deal.

“When I was in Seattle with my friends, we walked through the Amazon campus,” recalled Halicilar. ”All the Amazon employees came to me, wanted selfies and thanked me for being proud to work at Amazon.”

The tech titan lookalike says that he’s become so secondhand famous that his “partner sometimes gets annoyed when people come to me and want selfies, but many don’t dare to speak to me.”

The only downside is that no one has “flirted” with Halicilar due to his rich boy visage, he joked.

The German’s looks aren’t where the similarities end, either.


”I also have a lifestyle almost like him – I often travel on ships and even have a butler and drink a good whiskey like Jeff,” declared the mogul method actor. ”My wish is to drink a whiskey with Jeff Bezos on his yacht — he is just as much of a yacht fanatic as I am.”

Because what’s the point of looking like a centabillionaire if you can’t play the part, right?

source: nypost.com/i-was-an-electrician-now-im-a-jeff-bezos-lookalike-and-my-life-is-lavish-too

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