China warns citizens about US travel, Citing Harassment

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  • Beijing urges citizens to prepare for ‘unexpected situations’ after Chinese students and workers are questioned and deported from American airports
  • Chinese foreign ministry says it has lodged formal protest with Washington over the situation

China has warned those of its citizens, who plan on visiting the United States, about the likelihood of their facing “unwarranted interrogations and harassment.”

South China Morning Post carried the report on Saturday, citing the country’s ministry of foreign affairs.

The ministry said several Chinese students and company employees had been subjected to such treatment upon entering US airports.

Their phones, computers, and other luggage items were searched piece by piece and several people were banned from entering the country, it said.

“The ministry and the Chinese Embassy and Consulates in the US have lodged a solemn representation to the US, and we remind those who plan to travel to the US to be aware of these situations,” it said.

The paper cited Chinese media as reporting that over the past several months, at least eight Chinese students had been either searched, interrogated, or returned back from Washington Dulles International Airport alone, despite their holding valid travel documents.

Last month, ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said US authorities were “weaponizing” academic research.


The US State Department has also issued a so-called travel advisory for Americans planning to visit China.

Last year, China said the US had “disrupted” personnel exchanges between the countries.

Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning called such incidents “political and discriminatory law enforcement” and said they were caused by the “Cold War mentality” of some people in the US.


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