Attempted Assassination of Tucker Carlson: Ukrainian Intelligence Allegedly Hires Russian ‘Hitman’

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Russian counter-terrorist unit prevented a terrorist attack on Tucker Carlson, planned by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine. One man was arrested on terrorism charges in Moscow.

Russian counter-terrorist forces have foiled a terrorist attack in Moscow, which had been planned, directed and financed by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine.

The terrorist cell was operated by “Ukrainian handlers” in order to carry out an attack on American journalist Tucker Carlson during his visit to Moscow.

The terrorist confessed to the plot and gave details on it. He was provided with IED (improvised explosive device) for the attack. The plan was to target Tucker Carlson’s vehicle in the Four Seasons hotel underground parking lot.

In his interrogation Vasiliev recounted receiving instructions and the location of IED, but said that he was arrested before committing the attack.

He also mentioned that his Ukrainian handlers promised him $4000 for a successful execution of the attack.

Watch the interrogation video:

Tucker Carlson visited Moscow in the beginning of February to interview Russian president Putin. Ex-Fox News host said that the Biden administration had illegally spied on his text messages and leaked them to the media in order to prevent him from interviewing Putin three years ago.


He also said that he was “pretty certain” that they did the same thing last month, but he decided to go to Moscow anyway.


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