Biden Starts Mumbling Nonsense During Press Conference 

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Joe Biden made a fool of himself and his country again today on the world stage.

Old, tired Joe was forced to mumble through his statement with Netanyahu reading the entire thing from his note cards.

Joe Biden was an embarrassment.

Joe Biden: “You know, uh, years ago I asked Secretary of State when he and I were working in the Senate to write something for me and he said he wrote a line that I think is appropriate. He said, um, ‘It’s not we lead, it’s not just, uh…’ Well, I won’t go into it, I’ll wait ’til later, taking too much time.”

Tony Blinken was NEVER a US Senator. He’s just a Democrat Party hack.

However Blinken did organize the statement and letter signed by 51 career intel officials and liars who claimed Hunter’s laptop was Russian propaganda.


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