Judge Orders Nuremberg Public Hearing on Nov 9, For Illegality Of Covid-19 Vaccines!

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IOJ’s biggest news in the fight to stop covid-19 non vaccine experiments yet!!!

Last night on September 13, 2023 the Appellate judge ordered a date for an oral hearing on our appeal to stop the injections! All it took was a few months to get it to the right Appellate court after it got lost in the Costa Rica system. The appeal is to stop the covid-19 vaccine entirely off the market.

It takes a village to take down the UN WEF WHO global human experimentation captured regulatory system administering biological agents known to cause harm that they falsely call safe and effective. Help us take these bastards DOWN November 9, 2023!!! We need lawyers fees NOW! The judge ordered it. We don’t have the funds we need to pull this off yet, but we did get humanity the DATE for the Public Hearing & together this is ON. Justice is coming.

We were afraid the appeal would be denied for being late due to the courts online upload technical glitches and then our appeal documents literally disappearing (cyber polygon?) so we had to call and ask the clerks to figure it out. The clerks gave us an address to mail to so we printed a ton of pages and delivered the documents late.

Its been a couple months and we were kind of freaking out it was lost last week but then it popped up in our online system this week with an order to authenticate it with an attorney. We did that yesterday and today it was granted to proceed rather than deny it for being late!

Not only did the court allow the late appeal to proceed, the court decided on their own (ex officio) to order an oral hearing due to the importance of the case!

The Appeal will be heard on November 9, 2023 and will address the following topics:

  • The vaccine as applied with no informed consent constitutes the crime of serious undue experimentation in violation of Nuremberg Code Articles 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, Article 10 of the medical morality code and Articles 78, 79 of the Biomedical research law
  • The WHO definition of vaccine is illegally applied, allowing for import of a WHO EUL listing product which authorizes the covid-19 non vaccine experimental biological agent, omitting the legislative intent and definition, to illegally allow authorization and import of the covid-19 non vaccine toxic biological agent known to cause harm and administered by alleged “vaccine” delivery system
  • The DOD is withholding the reports they admit to having on the “experimental biological agent covid-19 vaccine” and asking IOJ for more time to delay and deny the info
  • A biological agent is a bioweapon by definition and the definition of biological agent which is intended to cause harm is incompatible with legislative intent for a vaccine which is to prevent a disease by stopping transmission, not prevent serious illness and death from the disease after its transmitted. This is illegal.
  • New facts are allowed up until just before the public hearing.Interveners will be allowed to join our case and experts can speak at the public hearing as well. We will post more on how to sign up and join the appeal or hearing in the next few days to a week or so.

Share this good news far and wide! Share the hope! Nuremberg 2.0 is November 9, 2023!!!

IOJ is at the tip of the spear!

  • After 2+ years we achieved the near impossible feat of getting a court with authority to stop the shots to hear IOJ and our Chief Scientist Dr. Mike Yeadon (former VP of Pfizer) out about the WHO, FDA and States many violations of Nuremberg Code from the illegal use of the covid-19 non vaccine biological agents. We overcame many obstacles to arrive here now where the limits of WHO’s authority & FDA’s discretion is being determined by a court who’s job is to oversee legality.
  • The WHO, FDA’s and States deceitful non vaccine biological agent human experiments are on trial November 9, 2023.
  • The rulings and facts we will discuss in court about the illegality of the covid-19 non vaccine, WILL affect all countries as well as affect the FDA, WHO, etc.
  • Stay tuned its about to get interesting

source: interestofjustice.com/judge-orders-nuremberg-public-hearing

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