Dirtbag FBI Agent Charged with Stealing from January 6 Defendant

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Is the FBI now hiring the scum of the Earth?

Well, you can decide, based on the kind of lowlife charges filed against one of their finest.

According to KTRK in Houston:

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A former FBI special agent for the Houston Field Office has been indicted on theft charges after being accused of stealing government and personal property from homes during FBI raids, according to U.S. Attorney Alamdar S. Hamdani.

Authorities have arrested 36-year-old Nicholas Anthony Williams. According to the indictment, from March 2022 to July 2023, Williams allegedly took money or items from multiple homes while executing search warrants as an FBI special agent.

And who did he take money from?

But of course:

Houston college student prosecuted for his participation in the Jan. 6 insurrection was one of people robbed by a Houston-based FBI agent, according to newly released court records.

Alexander Fan’s complaint about missing cash and silver helped lead to the January indictment of FBI agent Nicholas Anthony Williams, according to court records.

Fan, 27, was sentenced to 12 months probation in connection to the riot. Fan was found guilty of entering and remaining a room in the Capitol building. He was accused of climbing into an office through a broken window after his entry was blocked by a closed door.

That’s from the Houston Chronicle, which reported that it went down like this:

Fan’s home was searched on the day he was arrested and the next day he reported to the FBI that items, including $2,500 and silvers bars, were missing from his bedroom. The items were not seized as part of the warrant served on his home, according to court records.

Months later, the FBI announced that one of its own agents, Nicholas Anthony Williams, had been indicted on theft charges, over accusations he stole money and property while executing search warrants between March 2022 and July 2023.

One of the three charges related to thefts is over the missing items at Fan’s home.

Williams is also accused of stealing money during searches at homes in March 2022 and January 2023, as well as misusing a government-issued credit card and stealing agency cellphones, according to court records. The other theft victims weren’t named in the indictment.

So much for America’s premiere law enforcement agency. Apparently allowing one of those guys into your home is the same as leaving your front door unlocked for burglars.

This is astonishing to hear of, actually. When was the last time you heard of this kind of untrustworthy lowlife character at the FBI? A petty thief who steals like burglars do.

He’d be an anomaly if he were merely on the cops. This guy is more like the Mexican cops who steal ransoms paid from kidnappers and then see the victims murdered, which has happened. He’s a walking violation of trust.

This guy has reportedly been on the force since around 2019. Did anyone at the Bureau do background checks on him before handing him a badge and a gun? Did he take a polygraph to pass muster? How’d he get into this elite agency?


Was there so much hiring going on as the agency expanded and money rolled in that they just let anyone into the agency, criminal behavior or not? That’s a common experience in law enforcement agencies that expand too fast.

It seems doubtful he just started stealing once he got into the FBI. For a rookie to have so boldly taken so much from homes being searched so soon seems unusual. Corruption is usually a long slide downward, but his was fast.

How’d he take the silver bars reportedly stolen and did he stuff them into his pockets? Did his partner notice and say nothing?

Was stealing an instant response because he’d done it so often?. Was there a culture of thefts on this squad, which was continuously overlooked until the public complaints started to get into the press?

Was he a DEI hire whose color was more important than his character? There are a lot of unanswered questions here.

Perhaps the most important question is why the bureau was searching this kid’s family home at all on a mere charge of trespassing, and with a friendly, cooperative, give-no-trouble, contrite suspect?

He was obviously trusting of them, based on the Chronicle report, and they violated that trust, stealing thousands in his family’s property earned in a hardscrabble immigrant way by working long hours at dreary, thankless, restaurant jobs, saving every penny.

What kind of a sleazy lowlife could steal from such honorable, hard-working people?

Would Fan’s complaint have been dismissed had he been the only one making the complaint? I don’t know, but I sure as heck haven’t heard reports about this kind of law enforcement behavior outside Mexico or Venezuela.

Maybe if the FBI would vet their agents for basic honesty, (I am sure this kid’s family could give the lessons), it wouldn’t be a problem at all.


I did read a study not too long ago, don’t recall where, about how the Bureau actually likes having agents with discipline problems that normally merit firing on the force, because it leaves them more malleable for certain kinds of work that ethical agents would balk at doing.

If so, this guy would be the poster boy for such a setup, the guy who persecutes political opponents on behalf of the Democrats, much like the dirty cops of the KGB, because he knows he could be fired at any minute for other transgressions.

Guys like that keep up with their dirty, dishonest behavior, and their political masters protect them.

Is that the picture that’s starting to emerge here? What was this guy’s discipline record before he apparently got canned and charged?

And how many more are like this with this set of ethics in this agency, spying on Americans and persecuting political opponents? Maybe Director Christopher Wray should be called back to answer a few questions from Congress.

source: americanthinker.com/dirtbag_fbi_agent_charged_with_stealing_from_january_6

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