RFK Jr. Says He Would Sign ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban if it Reached His Desk

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Democratic presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told a NewsNation town hall on Wednesday night he would sign an “assault weapons” ban if it reached his desk.

When RFK Jr. was asked about an “assault weapons” ban, the question was framed to reflect strong Democrat support for such a measure.

RFK Jr. responded, “If we can get a consensus on it, if Republicans and Democrats agreed and it passed Congress, I would sign it.”

He made his statement about an “assault weapons” ban just minutes after intimating that guns are not problem. He indicated that Americans have always had guns, and that Americans used to bring firearms to school for “gun clubs,” and no one thought of shooting at children.

RFK Jr.’s admission he would sign an “assault weapons” ban came just over a week after he used a New Hampshire townhall to stand against the idea of taking away guns.

In New Hampshire RFK Jr. said, “Anyone who tells you that we can end the violence to our children that’s going on now by removing people’s guns, in the margin that has been left to us by this very expansive Supreme Court decision [Bruen] is not being truthful with you.”

Moreover, on June 5, 2023, Breitbart News reported on a conversation between Elon Musk and RFK Jr., in which RFK Jr. said, “My position on gun control is that I’m not going to take away anybody’s guns. I’m a constitutional maximalist and the issue has been settled by the Supreme Court.”


During the NewsNation townhall he made clear he would sign an “assault weapons” ban if it reached his desk.

source: breitbart.com/rfk-jr-says-he-would-sign-assault-weapons-ban-if-it-reached-his-desk/

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