Meta Service Outage It’s Servers To Go Down

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Did you just get randomly signed out of Facebook? It’s not just you. The platform is facing an outage that has logged out users. The outage will cause your password to be rejected, but your password isn’t wrong.

Rather than showing a skeleton version of the site, Facebook will automatically kick you out. An error message saying that your log in has expired will appear, and your credentials will be rejected when you try to log back in.

The outage is also affecting Instagram as well as Messenger. Threads too. Anyway, no need to change your password (yet). You’re not being phished.

It’s actually a Meta service disruption. Even Meta Quest headsets are signed out which prevents Horizon Worlds from functioning. In other words, the metaverse is down.

More than 300,000 reports have hit Down Detector since first reporting, and Twitter/X is flooded with reports as well.


We’ll post an update when the service returns to normal. We’ve also reached out for a statement and will add if we hear back.

Andy Stone, head of comms at Meta, addressed the outage on Twitter/X:


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