Department of Air Force Opens Proposed Space Force Strategy to the Public

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The Department of the Air Force has opened for public review its Comprehensive Strategy for the U.S. Space Force, which includes training, equipment preparation and organization of the service branch.

The overview was submitted to Congress in August, and is comprised of three lines of effort: collaborating with mission partners, bolstering its workforce and building a field combat-ready fleet, DAF said Friday.

The strategy makes clear the agency’s commitment to developing a resilient, ready and combat-credible Space Force and emphasizes the enhancement of the branch’s data infrastructure as a joint function priority.

In the document, DAF also discusses its plan to cultivate Guardians with in-depth understanding of space operations, problem-solving skills and selfless public service. For its part, the department said it will improve management processes for military as well as civilian personnel.

The comprehensive strategy pledges to eliminate over-classification, incompatibility and other traditional barriers to USSF collaborations. The service branch will engage in mutually beneficial partnerships with industry and academia to expand its global competitive advantage.


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