Trump Has Raised $400 Million In One Week

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On May 30th, Donald Trump was found guilty on 34 counts of… falsifying records of something, no one really quite knows what. A week later on June 6th, Trump announced that he has raised $400 MILLION since the verdict.

Speaking at a Turning Point Action town hall event in Arizona, Trump stated “I just went through a rigged trial in New York with a highly conflicted, and I mean highly conflicted, judge where there was no crime.”

“They didn’t want to bring the case. They could have brought the case seven years ago. It’s only when you run for office they bring cases,” Trump continued. 

Trump further noted that he is “beating Biden, by the way, by a lot,” adding that following the conviction, “more campaign funds were given to this campaign than any campaign they think in history, almost $400 million.”

It is an unprecedented amount and likely will not be matched by Biden before the election.

On Thursday night alone, Trump raised $12 million at one event, as highlighted by Attorney and RNC Committeewoman for California Harmeet Dhillon.

A fundraiser, co-hosted by tech entrepreneur David Sacks sold out with the tickets per couple costing $500,000 a piece. single tickets were sold at a cost of $300,000 each.

Meanwhile, a new poll from the New York Times has revealed that Biden has gained a single point bump following Trump’s conviction.

The outlet recontacted the same voters who they had polled prior to the conviction, and found that 46 percent of them would cast their ballot for Biden, with 47 percent saying they will vote for Trump.

Before the outcome of the rigged trial the numbers were 45 percent for Biden, and 48 percent for Trump.

In other words, it had practically ZERO effect on Trump’s popularity.

The same has been seen in other polls:



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