Watch: RFK Jr. Gets Shredded by Hannity Over Obama Support, Calling NRA ‘Terror’ Organization

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When Fox News made Tucker Carlson a free agent, it inadvertently exposed many of the remaining Fox anchors as second-rate. Sean Hannity is a prime example.

Hannity usually conducts terrible interviews, spouting the same talking points over and over again as a substitute for actually asking questions of the people he is supposed to be sounding out. All too often, Hannity’s guests and audience are left listening to him filibuster.

But recent events seem to have altered Hannity’s demeanor, at least when it comes to newly independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

In a Tuesday interview, Hannity educated viewers on the reality of Kennedy’s record, which is very much at odds with his reputation as an acceptable alternative candidate for Republicans.

Kennedy was already stammering when Hannity asked, “Do you still believe the NRA is a terror group?”


Kennedy tried to deflect by saying he supports the Second Amendment and the Constitution.

But Hannity actually drilled down. “I didn’t ask you if you support the Second Amendment. … In 2018, you said Parkland students are right, the NRA is a terror group.”

Kennedy was left feebly denying any recollection of saying that, and if he did, he didn’t mean it.

Fortunately, X had a better memory than RFK Jr.

Hannity also brought up Kennedy’s support for leftist radicals.

“Do you regret endorsing Al Gore, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders over the years?” Hannity asked.

Once again, Kennedy wilted under the grilling.

“Uh, I don’t recall endorsing Bernie Sanders. I like Bernie Sanders. I voted for Barack Obama. I don’t regret that,” was Kennedy’s uncomfortable reply.

Even though Kennedy made a big splash announcing his run for president as an independent, Hannity’s questions exposed that he is still very much a liberal Democrat.

Hannity wondered why Kennedy couldn’t get traction as a Democratic candidate. “I’m not sure why the Democratic Party wouldn’t allow you to compete,” he said.

When RFK Jr. tried to brush off the aggressive inquiries as Trump talking points, Hannity proudly responded, “Excuse me. These are not talking points. These are called Hannity points. … I do my own research.”

Kennedy seemed taken aback dealing with Hannity in serious conservative journalist mode. It’s not his usual tactic.

Why would Fox allow (or require) Hannity to go on the attack against Kennedy?

The simplest answer would be that Fox executives believe Kennedy is a threat who could steal votes from their favored candidate: Joe Biden.

Given the Never Trump attitude of Fox News, if they believed Kennedy’s campaign could damage Trump, Hannity would never have been allowed to expose Kennedy’s leftist agenda.

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